Dr. John Onate


Dr. Onate practices both Internal Medicine and Psychiatry the Integrated Behavioral Health...

Dr. David Gellerman


David M. Gellerman MD PhD has been an active member of CCPS since 2003, serving as Chair of...

Dr. Rossano Bangasan

Treasurer and Geriatric Committee Chair

Dr. Shawn Hersevoort

Secretary / Sierra Chapter President

Dr. Ranjit Padhy

Immediate Past President

Dr. Robert McCarron

Assembly Representative and Medicine/Psychiatry Chair

Robert McCarron, D.O. completed a dual residency in internal medicine and psychiatry at...

Dr. Shannon Suo

Deputy Assembly Representative

Dr. Suo graduated from the UC Davis combined family medicine and psychiatry program in 2003...

Dr. Hilary Silver

Chapter President - San Joaquin Chapter

Dr. H Mohankumar

Membership Chair

Dr. Captane Thomson

Nominating Committee Chair and Government Affairs Chair

Dr. Ravi Goklaney

Outreach & Funding Committee Chair

Dr. Andrea Bates

Community Psychiatry Committee Chair

Dr. Abdolreza Saadabadi

Early Career Psychiatry Committee Chair

Dr. Francis Lu

Culture and Diversity Commitee Chair

Dr. Lu is the Luke & Grace Kim Professor in Cultural Psychiatry, Emeritus, at the...

Dr. Philip Verderame

Yosemite Chapter President

Dr. Mina Hah

Ethics Committee Chair

Dr. Hah graduated from Columbia University and completed her medical training at The Ohio...

Dr. Ryan Fuller

Sacramento RFM Representative

Dr. Sara Abdijadid

Kern Chapter President

Dr. Karen Hopp


Dr. Mohammed Molla

Child & Adolescent Committee Chair

Callum Rowe

Northern California Student Representative