October News and Notes

News and Notes for APA District Branches/State Associations
October 2022
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What’s New at the APA

  • APA launched LaSaludMental.org, a website dedicated to hosting evidence-based resources and information on mental health and substance use disorders in Spanish and tailored to a native Spanish-speaking audience. The site is intended to be fully bilingual, with most content offered in both Spanish and English at the time of launch. You can read more about LaSaludMental.org and visit the website here.
  • The APA Foundation launched its “Mentally Healthy Nation” national radio PSA campaign. The PSAs, offered in both English and Spanish, aim to raise awareness about the nationwide mental health crisis brought on by the COVID-19 Pandemic. You can read more about the Mentally Healthy Nation Campaign here.
  • The APA Foundation has received a grant from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) to expand its work with K-12 school teachers and other personnel to recognize potential mental health concerns among students and to connect them with help when needed. The $560,000 SAMHSA grant will support implementation of the Foundation’s Notice. Talk. Act.® at School program over the next five years. You can read more about Notice. Talk. Act.® at School and the APA Foundation here.
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APA Communications Monthly Themes: November & December 2022
APA’s office of Corporate Communications and Public Affairs (CCPA) has developed monthly themes that serve as conceptual anchors for APA communications efforts each month. The theme for November 2022 is Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and how the changing of seasons can affect mental health, while in December 2022 the focus will be on Holiday Mental Health, and how to manage the stresses of the holiday season and promote your mental health. Visit APA’s social channels to participate in the conversation each month.
Animated Explainer Videos on Common Disorders
APA has developed a series of animated explainer videos on commonly searched mental disorders and other conditions related to mental health. The videos cover topics including OCD, Depression, Anxiety, ADHD, and Climate Change, among others. You can see all of the videos in English here, and in Spanish here. Be sure to subscribe to APA’s YouTube Channel as new videos on other topics and disorders are added on a regular basis.
Briefs for Your Newsletter
October Course of the Month – A Paradigm Shift: Recovery Education for Adults Experiencing Homelessness
Recovery Education Centers (REC) offer a new model of providing recovery support using emancipatory adult education and recovery-oriented service principles. This course will describe the findings of the first REC in Canada and one of the few worldwide specifically supporting people transitioning out of homelessness, increasing provider understanding and awareness of recovery education and consider the impact of a recovery model in a marginalized population.
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New ICD-10-CM Codes Effective October 1
Beginning October 1, the 2022 supplement to the DSM-5-TR will take effect. APA has updated psychiatry.org with information and documents describing the revisions in detail to make it easy to stay on top of these changes. Read More
Tracking Link: https://www.psychiatry.org/psychiatrists/practice/dsm/updates-to-dsm