May 2022 President's Message ~ By: Mina Hah, MD

Mina Hah, MD
CCPS President

Dear CCPS Members,

Happy Spring!  We are excited to announce the planning of our first in-person meeting for CCPS in 2022.  We are looking forward to connecting in-person again after making it through quarantining and social distancing.  We are also excited about the upcoming in-person annual meeting for the APA in New Orleans and looking forward to connecting with our local members there too.

The APA has sent out a member survey, so please fill it out to let your voices and concerns be heard.  I had the pleasure of attending the Legislative Forum Meeting for District Branches on March 14.  During this meeting, the APA was trying to address Physician-Led care and how to best serve our patients. From their work they deduced that many people continue to not know the differences between Psychologists and Psychiatrists.  They are developing a website to help patients understand the important role Psychiatrists play in their health.  One of the concerns brought up by District Branches was the impact of NPs and PAs in physician-led care and a request for the APA to include these concerns with physician-led care.

Thank you for all your work in helping our patients live their healthiest lives. I have enjoyed serving as your President for the last several years and will continue to advocate for our profession and our patients.  I am looking forward to the upcoming work of the newly elected CCPS President, Dr. Saadabadi and President-Elect Dr. Beltagui.  Thank you for the opportunity to represent our district branch and to serve our community.