Ideas Sought for Action Papers

Do you have an idea that can be formulated into an Action Paper for consideration this fall at the APA Assembly meeting? Share your ideas with your WPA Assembly Reps soon, so they can assist in drafting an Action Paper prior to the submission deadline of September 17, 2018.An action paper is formed through developing an idea, which is then honed and parsed into a subject, intent, problem, alternatives, recommendation, and implementation.Once an action paper is submitted to the APA Rules Committee, it may be assigned to a Reference Committee or Area Council. The Reference Committee hears testimony about the paper and discusses it, potentially making changes. The paper is then brought to the floor of the Assembly at which time the Assembly may make additional changes. The Assembly then votes on the action paper. If the action paper is approved, it is then typically referred to the Joint Reference Committee. The Joint Reference Committee may then refer it to the Board of Trustees for consideration or to the appropriate component for additional information and work or for implementation. Share your Action Paper ideas through the