December News and Notes

What’s New at the APA

  • APA released a statement in the wake of the mass shooting at Q Nightclub in Colorado Springs expressing sympathy for the victims and their families and calling for common sense gun control. The statement also condemns the hateful rhetoric that often precipitates acts of violence against the LGBTQI community and other minority groups. You can read the full statement here.
  • APA’s latest Healthy Minds Monthly Poll found that nearly 40% of Americans experience a declining mood in the winter month. Nearly half (44%) of Americans are looking forward to seeing family this holiday season, and that doing so boosts their mood. The poll was conducted in association with Morning Consult. You can read more about Americans’ views on how Winter affects their mood in our country, and see the full poll results here.

Visit APA’s Newsroom for the latest news releases, statements, blogs, monthly public opinion poll results, and other information.

APA Communications Monthly Themes: November & December 2022

APA’s office of Corporate Communications and Public Affairs (CCPA) has developed monthly themes that serve as conceptual anchors for APA communications efforts each month. The theme for December 2022 is Holiday Mental Health, and how to manage the stresses of the holiday season and promote your mental health. January 2023 will focus on Mental Health New Year’s Resolutions. Visit APA’s social channels to participate in the conversation each month.

Animated Explainer Videos on Common Disorders

APA has developed a series of animated explainer videos on commonly searched mental disorders and other conditions related to mental health. The videos cover topics including OCD, Depression, Anxiety, ADHD, and Climate Change, among others. You can see all of the videos in English here, and in Spanish here. Be sure to subscribe to APA’s YouTube Channel as new videos on other topics and disorders are added on a regular basis.

Briefs for Your Newsletter

December Course of the Month – Comparative Effectiveness of Medication Strategies for Treatment Resistant Depression in Late-Life: Results from the Optimum Study

This course will provide knowledge and improve skills for treating older adults with difficult-to-treat depression by presenting the results from the OPTIMUM study, the largest-ever clinical trial of TRD in older adults. The study provides information that helps older adults get effective treatment while improving their quality of life and minimizing risks of medications.

Click here to access the Course of the Month and sign up for updates about this free member benefit.

Meet the Candidates Town Halls Registration: December 5-8 12 PM ET

APA is hosting a series of four, live Meet-the-Candidate Virtual Town Halls. Each will be a 60-to-90-minute live session held during Town Hall Week, December 5-8, starting at 12 p.m. ET. RSVP to Attend » Submit your questions to the candidates using the submission form here.

Emerging Topics Webinar: Evaluation, Management Coding, and Documentation

Join us Thursday, December 8 at 3:30 PM ET for the next Emerging Topics webinar, Evaluation, Management Coding, and Documentation – What All Psychiatrists in Clinical Practice Need to Know. This webinar will be presented by Dr. Jeremy Musher, M.D., Chief Medical Officer, and Chief Clinical Officer of US Behavioral Partners. RSVP Today »


Mental Health Equity Fireside Chat

The Looking Beyond Series is Back! Join us Tuesday, December 13 for our next Mental Health Equity Fireside Chat on Climate Change-Driven Mental Health Equities. This webinar will explore the impact of global climate change-related disasters on the mental health of vulnerable groups and provide strategies for mobilizing climate justice and resilience. 

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Are Your Patients Reporting Rx Problems?

Are your patients reporting trouble getting their stimulant prescriptions filled? APA is working with our partners to better understand why this may be happening. If you are hearing concerns from your patients or have concerns of your own, please fill out this 30-second survey and contact APA’s Practice Management HelpLine at or 800-343-4671.

Live Webinar: Learn About Student Loan Refinancing with Earnest – December 7 at 7:00 p.m. ET

Join APA and Earnest Student Loan Refinancing for a webinar on the benefits of refinancing your student loans. During this live webinar you will be provided with information on the Cares Act expiration, federal student loan forgiveness, Earnest Refinance product overview, and an application demo experience. We hope to “see” you there!

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Live Webinar: Investment Do’s and Don’ts: Strategies to Grow Wealth – December 13 at 6:00 p.m. ET

Join APA and CFP Board of Standards, Inc. to learn about time-tested strategies for growing your wealth. This session will focus on financial growth – putting your money in places where its value can increase over time. Learn more by registering for this exclusive webinar today!

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