Captane Thomson, MD Memorial ~ Ravi Goklaney, MD, DLFAPA

I write today with great sorrow and sadness the Legend, Dr Captane Thomson of CCPS passed away in July 2023. His loss is felt by CCPS, CSAP, and by APA. Cap Thomson served his patients and the advocacy for his patients and their families until the last day of his life. The last time I saw him was on the Zoom meeting of CSAP Government affairs committee on June 15th, 2023. He was my mentor as well as to hundreds of others. He set a great example for all of us. I hope I can live up to his ideals. He was a great visionary leader, and he knew how to get the best of each council member with whatever they were gifted with. I met him first time in Sacramento at a CCPS council meeting in July 1998. He welcomed me with open arms and was delighted to see someone from Kern County after years of no representation from Kern Chapter. In October 2000 I received a call from him, and he said that the nomination committee would like you to be President Elect in 2001-2002, I was somewhat hesitant, and I was not sure I was ready for that position. His response was “Ravi there is not a thing you can’t do “and after a brief conversation, I fell boosted by him and I accepted his offer. In 2002 I became the President of CCPS and during my Presidency from 2002-2004, I gave all I had.   In March 2003 and March 2004, we had the highest participation of Psychiatrists in CCPS annual meeting each year more than 100 psychiatrists, a record; but this could not have been possible without the support of CCPS Council Members, more specifically from Drs Captane Thomson, Joseph Sisson, Donald Hilty, Janak Mehtani, Shannon Suo. In March 2003 I had the privilege to initiate an Award under his Name “Captane Thomson Lifelong Achievement Award”. He also shared with me his dream in 2002, if I could get involved in the Shasta Chapter, as no one from Shasta Chapter was representing the region for several years. I personally contacted the two Leaders of Shasta Chapter, and I was able to convince them how important it is for their involvement in the CCPS. Drs Thomas and Zarriello did participate in the CCPS council from 2002-2004.  I adopted Cap Thomson as my God Father in March 2003.  I felt he was guiding me every step of the way as a father guides his son. I am sad as I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to him. The last time I saw him in person was March 2019. He is physically not with us; but his Name, Legacy, Contributions and Aura will stay alive for ever with us.