April 2024 | Sierra Chapter Update

Dear Colleagues,

As we stride into the vibrant spring season, we are thrilled to share some exciting updates from Kaweah Health Psychiatry, highlighting our commitment to excellence in patient care, education, and research.

CCPS 2024 Annual Meeting Highlights: At the recent CCPS 2024 Annual Meeting, our team showcased robust research and clinical insights through successful poster presentations and engaging clinical vignettes produced by our program’s Psychiatry Lab. We included presentations and research on:

  • Cultural Psychiatry: We delved into the nuances of cultural psychiatry, exploring how cultural factors shape mental health perceptions and treatment outcomes.
  • Positive Psychiatry: Our experts illuminated the transformative potential of positive psychiatry, emphasizing strengths-based approaches to mental wellness and resilience.
  • Exceptional Clinical Vignettes and Poster Presentations: Through compelling case studies, we demonstrated our innovative approaches to treating extreme cases of eating disorders and delivered clinically relevant reviews on topics like Intuitive Eating and Ketamine Therapy in Child and Adolescent Populations.

Match Announcement: We are thrilled to announce a wonderful cohort of interns scheduled to join us in June 2024. Their enthusiasm, dedication, and diverse backgrounds promise to enrich our resident community and further elevate the standard of care at Kaweah Health Psychiatry.

Celebrating Collaboration and Patient Care: At Kaweah Health Psychiatry, we cherish the collaborative spirit of our resident community and the awe-inspiring patients we have the privilege to serve. We also continue to enjoy our close relationship to our Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship Program which has matched a terrific class of fellows starting in June 2024. Our commitment to learning from and caring for our patients continues to drive our passion for excellence in mental health care.

As we embrace the opportunities and challenges ahead, let us remain steadfast in our dedication to fostering a culture of compassion, innovation, and excellence.


Christopher Jaime, DO