Dr. Sabrina Silva-Mckenzie


Sabrina Silva-McKenzie, MD is a graduate of UC Davis combined family medicine and psychiatry residency program and is board certified in both general psychiatry and family medicine. She has been employed by UC Davis Health in the UC Davis Medical Group since 2016, working as a consultative outpatient psychiatrist in a collaborative care program in the primary care network as well as working as a full-scope outpatient family physician. As a highlight of her work, she continues to practice obstetrics as a family medicine provider including prenatal care, labor and delivery, and postpartum care for mothers and their infants and children. She has a particular interest in evaluation and management of mental health disorders in women, particularly in the menarchal, peripartum, and perimenopausal periods of life. Dr. Silva-McKenzie also enjoys teaching and has worked as precepting faculty in the Department of Family Medicine Residency Program, as well as in her clinics with medical students, allied health students, general psychiatry residents, and family medicine residents. 

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